About Scott Dunbar, President, COO, , Dunbar & Brawn Construction, Bangor, Maine.

Scott Dunbar
President, COO

Scott attended the University of Maine and graduated with dual degrees: Associate of Science in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management Technology. Scott has worked in the construction field for over 30 years. He started at the bottom rung of the ladder as a laborer and worked his way to co-owner of a thriving Central Maine construction company. His dedication to customer service and satisfaction has made the Dunbar and Brawn label synonymous with quality. Scott enjoys music and time with his family.


About Alan Brawn, Vice President, CFO, Dunbar & Brawn Construction, Bangor, Maine.

Alan Brawn
Vice President, CFO

Alan has worked in the finance field for over 30 years. He retired from the Maine Air National Guard with more than 22 years active duty. During his military career, he held a number of positions, including payroll and accounting. At the time of his retirement, he was a budget analyst. In 2003 he and Scott Dunbar started Dunbar and Brawn Construction. Alan’s responsibilities are payroll, human resources, and all aspects of accounting. Alan enjoys traveling to warm climates and spending time with family and friends at camp.


About Nick Barboza, Project Manager, Estimator, Dunbar & Brawn Construction, Bangor, Maine.

Nick Barboza
Project Manager, Estimator

Nick worked as a carpenter after high school then graduated from the University of Maine in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science Construction Management Technology degree. Nick has been with Dunbar and Brawn since 2005. Nick’s attention to details is felt throughout the company. Nick’s responsibilities include estimating, budgeting, scheduling and closeout. On his days off he enjoys building fine furniture in his woodshop.


About Gary Evans, Superintendent, Dunbar & Brawn Construction, Bangor, Maine.

Gary Evans
General Superintendent

Gary Evans has worked in the building trades for over 25 years. Most of his career was spent overseeing steel erection, structural welding, industrial rigging, and heavy crane operations. Gary has the ability to see the potential in our employees and always find a way to help our people succeed. Gary’s hard work and determination has earned the trust of many employees and clients. Gary always exceeds expectations when supervising projects from planning to completion. Gary’s free time is usually spent at camp or in the vegetable garden.



About Wesley Detour, Superintendent, Dunbar & Brawn Construction, Bangor, Maine.

Wesley Detour

Wes has 28 years of experience in construction. Including floor mechanic, carpenter, iron worker, lead carpenter, foreman, general foreman and superintendent. Wes is capable of overseeing projects small and large. Wes’s talents include a gift to interpret blueprints and give the client what they really want. Wes has been with the company since 2006. Wes takes pleasure in hunting, fishing, and time with friends and family.


About Rick Grant, Superintendent, Dunbar & Brawn Construction, Bangor, Maine.

Rick Grant

Rick attended Calhoun MEBA Engineering School in Baltimore, MD. Rick has worked in the marine, heavy industrial construction, and commercial/medical construction fields. Ricks responsibilities at Dunbar and Brawn include scheduling with hospital staff, designing temporary protection for infectious control, coordinating the workforce to complete projects on time. Rick has earned the respect of many clients in the Bangor area medical facilities. Hiking and kayaking are a few of Rick’s hobbies.


About Salvadore Clouse, Project Manager & Superintendent.

Salvadore Clouse
Project Manager/Superintendent

Sal studied civil and industrial engineering at several colleges, including the University of Maine. Sal manages a crew of Dunbar and Brawn workers and has completed highly technical laboratory construction projects. Sal’s responsibilities include estimating, scheduling and temporary protection. Sal enjoys sports with his children.